Unlocking an out-of-contract iPhone is getting easier

Matthew Panzarino, for TNW:

We reported Friday that AT&T was beginning to unlock out-of-contract iPhones as of April 8th, today. Now a few more details of the process are available.

First, you can do this in-store, but you can also do it in an online chat at AT&T’s website. The process is painless and only takes a few minutes in the chat. The only piece of information required by AT&T is the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, which can be found under Settings>General>About on your device.

I will certainly give this a spin with my old 3GS.

Faux G

Ben Brooks on the re-labeling of AT&T’s iPhone network as “4G:”

Long story short: 4G and 4G LTE are not equals, and shame on Apple for misleading iPhone users with the 4G tag that AT&T so clearly loves to toss about.

The term 4G has become so watered down that it’s pretty much meaningless at this point.


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