More on those 15 years

As a followup to my earlier post about the 15th anniversary of Apple’s acquisition of NeXT, I offer you RoughlyDrafted’s excellent look back (and forward) at this piece of computing history…

Just fifteen years ago, Apple couldn’t say no, couldn’t say yes, couldn’t deliver upon its plans, and couldn’t convince investors that it was worth believing in. It’s been a remarkable decade and a half for the company that rediscovered its founder and reshaped the industry to fit his vision.

The only disturbing bit (to me) which is probably true is this:

Apple has learned that quitting when you’re in the wrong place is as important to success as pushing ahead when you’re on the right track. Apple has similarly scaled back its Pro Apps to deliver powerful functionality for the mainstream, rather than trying to cater to tiny minorities of pro users that can be better served by specialist developers. And its executives regularly repeat the idea that Apple knows what not to do.


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