John Biggs at TechCrunch:

Here’s the bottom line: HP is where good ideas go to die. The company isn’t set up to think like a scrappy start-up. WebOS will be rolled into laptops, the WebOS tablet product will be overtaken by Windows 8 tablets, and the long, twisted tale of Palm will end with a whimper. I don’t want this to come to pass. I love the TouchPad and the Pre 3 is a good phone. But there is just no room for a third (or fourth (or fifth)) player in the smartphone market right now with Android and iOS battling it out and Windows Phone creeping up behind. HP can’t pivot out of this and, in the end, they’ll pull the plug. Maybe not this year, maybe not this CES, but by 2013 we’ll be writing WebOS’ obituary.

I hope this doesn’t happen- I think (thought?) that WebOS was a compelling alternative to iOS, and the cash infusion that HP brought to the table for Palm held promise.  In the end, though, life can be unfair even for a lonely little operating system that shows great potential.  Anybody remember BeOS?

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