I have to admit that I’ve tired of the Dexter open a bit (seeing it for all 60 episodes does that to a person), but you can’t deny that it’s pretty amazing cinematography and editing:


If you missed them, check out part 1 and part 2.

4 thoughts on “show opens: part 3

  1. LOVE this open! The wife and I tuned-in for season 1 right after we got our first HDTV. and, I think that we watched these opening credits over and over for at least 5 more times. And then when we had people over for the next few weeks, we had the opening cued-up so that they could all enjoy it, too! Such a brilliant use of tight shots to convey Dexter’s thin line of the mundane every-day and his serial killer alter-ego. Great sound too! Thanks for sharing.

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