Over two months after the launch of FCP X, news reports emerged yesterday that Apple has begun selling Final Cut Studio again (which includes Final Cut Pro 7), but only by phone order.  There was plenty of speculation about why, and Jim Dalrymple was able to get this response from Apple:

“As we’ve done before with many end-of-life software products, we have a limited quantity of Final Cut Studio still available through Apple telesales to customers who need them for ongoing projects,” an Apple spokesperson told The Loop.

It’s still hard to believe how mismanaged the launch of FCP X has been.  The fact that the low-key sales of FCP 7 has started a small firestorm with Apple-centric news sites speaks volumes.  As I have written before, Apple could have managed expectations about the current release of FCP X while providing a migration path for those pros who rely on the previous version for their livelihoods.  Let’s hope the first point release update for X is a good one.

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