Hot on the heels of raising their prices by up to 60% and losing a major content deal, Netflix is rewarding the customers who stuck it out to only one stream of content.  Additional streams cost more.  Ben Popken at The Consumerist reports:

For families that share accounts and want to be able to watch more than one instant stream at the same time, they’ll have to sign up for an additional Unlimited Streaming account at $7.99 a month or increase the number of DVDs in their package. To get two streams, you need to pay $19.98/month for two DVD’s at a time, or $23.98 for three streams and three DVDs, or four of both for $29.98.

There has to be an upside somewhere in all of this, but I don’t see it.  Is Netflix trying to boost revenue to go after more compelling streaming content?  I’ve pretty much run out of things I really want to see on their streaming service, and knowing that even a good chunk of that is going away early next year doesn’t help justify the $8 per month.

2 thoughts on “Netflix restricts customers to one stream

  1. They also need to get way more movies onto streaming and off of DVD!! I feel like whenever I finally decide on something to watch, it’s not available to me!! Any reports on how quickly they’re going to get more movies streaming?

    1. They’re having a heck of a time adding more streaming content. With DVDs they can just buy as many as they want and rent them out, but streaming requires agreements with the movie studios. And now that Netflix has more subscribers than any cable company the studios are starting to worry about Netflix dominance. I’m guessing that they are going to work like crazy to get more deals lined up by the time the contract with Starz expires in February. Their ultimate goal would be to get rid of DVDs altogether (they spend a fortune in shipping costs) and move it all over to streaming.

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