Dina Bass for Bloomberg:

The software maker is taking the wraps off Windows 8 today at a conference for developers in Anaheim, California, following a preview of the design in June. The product is an attempt to vault Microsoft into a fast-growing market controlled by Apple and Google Inc.’s Android software.

OK, explain to me again how one operating system can run on both traditional computers and tablets and not completely confuse the end user.  How will developers write applications for Windows 8?  Will they choose one UI convention (touch, mouse and keyboard) and stick with that only, or do they write separate “modes” for each?  How will the user know which apps support one or both?  I suppose answers will be revealed soon, but so far it seems like a quagmire.

UPDATE: So details are emerging from the Build conference, and it looks as if the traditional desktop OS will be an app within the Metro tablet interface, a process that runs on top much the way that you could pop open a DOS terminal from inside Windows 95.  Early tech reviews give the Metro UI high marks, but the hilarious RoughlyDrafted compares the whole experience to Microsoft Bob.  Redmond HQ will be offering a developer preview for download tonight.

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