Ryan at gdgt reflects on the latest rumors surrounding Amazon’s new tablet:

My sources tell me that RIM originally outsourced much of the hardware design and production of the PlayBook to mega-ODM Quanta — a company that builds, and sometimes helps design, hardware for name brands. The time eventually came that Amazon’s executives decided to do an Android tablet — far likelier to respond to the dark-horse success of the Nook Color than to the adjacent success of the iPad…

This feels to me like Amazon’s way to get something- anything- out on the market in time for this year’s holiday season.  And Amazon has the difficult part of the iPad-like equation already in place: the storefront to move product.  With an established online retail brand like Amazon, they can afford to release a slower version of the Playbook (possibly at or below cost) as a way to punch into that market and move digital content.  I don’t think what we see this fall will be much like the product they eventually will release.

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