The Motley Fool thinks Apple’s new phone could mean big trouble for Google.  The iPhone 5 is rumored to include some serious voice control enhancements that include search, and once you enter your verbal search query the phone would decided whether Google answers the question…or not.

Need directions? There’s no need to fire up Google Maps, since just asking will deliver routing results based on the phone’s GPS.

The platform is also integrated with Wolfram Alpha, the online computational knowledge system. Want to know the mass of Mars, pull up a stock quote, or convert currencies? All the things that you used to “Google” are now a conversation away.

Siri’s Assistant platform and Nuance’s speech-to-text dictation prowess are apparently about to make smartphones even smarter.

In other words, you don’t need to Google about Google’s problem with the iPhone 5 anymore.

Considering the amount of traffic that the typical iPhone user steers to Google, and the fact that Google makes most of its profits from selling ads on the search engine page, this could be huge.  Last year Apple acquired Siri, a company that made an innovative speech recognition search tool, and the invitation for their October 4 iPhone unveiling contains just 3 words: “Let’s Talk iPhone.”  I’d say the signs are all there.

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