Dan Frommer at SplatF:

Cue the whiners. Apple didn’t announce an iPhone 5 today, just an updated version of the iPhone 4, called the iPhone 4S. Apple stock is down a bit in a flat market. Many are claiming to be disappointed. But here’s the thing: You shouldn’t be.

The iPhone 4 is far and away single best selling smartphone almost a year and half after its release.  Why Apple would throw that proven exterior design away is beyond me.  If Apple was a bit more cynical, they could have called this (vastly) updated phone the iPhone 5 and people would rejoice.

2 thoughts on “Cue the iPhone 4S disappointment

  1. No, wrong. Not vastly updated. They finally are somewhat status quo with the camera, more memory (since Apple still won’t allow an SD card), and dual core. You can load Siri in an iPhone 4 already and it does the same thing, wow big whoop.

    How about an ever so slightly bigger screen, how hard is that? Even then it would be a huge improvement yet still slightly smaller than the Driod phones of today. People waited long in hopes of what they wanted in their next iPhone to be at least standards found in the Droid phones.

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