Yesterday I commuted to work listening to music and podcasts on my iPhone, led a meeting using Keynote on an iPad, earned my living editing video in Final Cut Pro on a Mac Pro, got home from work and discussed the new iPod touch with my 10 year old (who desperately wants one) and learned of Steve Jobs’s passing on my iMac.

The outpouring of thoughts and emotion from so many people over the loss of Jobs reflects how personally he connected with all of us.  Don’t get me wrong; Apple was, is, and always will be about turning a (big) profit through the sale of its products, but under Steve Jobs the company set it sights on the experience of the single end user.  He believed (rightly so) that it was possible for Apple to focus its money and energy on creating the most innovative, disruptive, and sometimes daring products, and if they succeeded the sales would follow.  You don’t need me to tell you how that’s turning out.

I’m not alone in feeling that Jobs was an Edison of our time.  Someone who so affected the lives and livelihood of so many of us.  He sought to make our lives easier, more entertaining, and more productive, and had a passion about it that was infectious and exciting.

Thank you, Steve.

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