Dean Wilson at The Inquirer reports that Google has lost over 60% of its active Google+ users:

However, despite the clear interest in an alternative to Facebook, it does not appear that the people joining are staying around and actively using the web site. On 22 and 23 of September traffic appeared to peak on Google+, but it began to drop soon after, back to pretty much the same level it was before it opened to the public.

Google is in a similar situation to Microsoft in that they have one or two monster success products (selling search-based ads and Android, which is basically a tool for selling search-based ads) while they struggle to gain traction in other areas.  Google+ is beautifully designed by a team led by Andy Hertzfeld, one of the original Mac designers in the early 80s.  I’ve spent a little time looking around on the site, and the task of re-building yet another social network of friends and colleagues had me feeling fatigued after just a couple minutes.  To make matters worse for Google, Facebook has already lifted some of the signature features from its new rival, making the switch all the less relevant for the end user.

UPDATE: SplatF breaks down the sources of Google’s revenue.  Spoiler alert: Ads.

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