International Business Times has published a hard-hitting report entitled “12 Reasons Why Apple iPhone 4S Will Lost to Motorola Droid Bionic.”  Things get off to a rollicking start (after the link-bait headline, that is) with this intro:

There were rumors that Apple Inc. has sold 4 million units of iPhone 4S during the weekend but officially it is known that pre-orders reached the 1 million mark.

Considering this article was published on Monday, after it was confirmed that the iPhone 4S moved over 4 million units in the first weekend, things are not looking good for the quality of this journalism.  Not surprisingly, the unnamed author rattles off the usual list of Android benefits: screen size (BIG!), processing speed (FAST!), Flash support (IRRELEVANT! Oh, sorry, I don’t think that was their point), and so on.

I mention this not to drive more traffic to IBT, but to highlight the common misconceptions tech journalists cling to when touting one platform over another.  Apple’s consistency in the iPhone’s form factor and the OS’s look and feel is seen as a drawback, as opposed to something they got right from the start and have been refining ever since.  And there is a market out there for a jumbo sized smartphone, but I think it’s marginal.  Most people like the ability to hold and use their phone in one hand without stretching to reach the far side of the screen with their thumb.

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