Andy Ihnatko has posted a very thorough review of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire.  What’s interesting is that he feels that the Fire doesn’t compete directly with the iPad (he claims they compliment each other), but rather the iPod touch:

There are two odd men out in this new post-Fire world. The iPod Touch was once the go-to device for people who wanted a nice multitouch device without buying a monthly 3G service plan. Today, well, $199 buys you a hell of a lot more tablet from Amazon than from Apple. Though the Touch still makes plenty of sense for gaming, for the high-level mobile apps that are only available for iOS, and for the intimate connection that iCloud maintains between your Mac and your mobile devices.

It’s well worth the read if you are in the market for a not-quite-an-iPad-but-more-than-an-iPod.

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