I had resolved to let the FCPX issue go until next year, but Three Guys and a Podcast drew me back in, wondering what would happen if Apple reversed course and released a 64-bit version of FCP8:

It’s not a likely Apple would do this, but we have yet to see a heavy dose of Tim Cook’s will laid down upon the company, and this could be one area where pro users would welcome a new resolve outside of the Jobs manifesto.

 It’s interesting in an alternate universe, what-if-Kennedy-wasn’t-killed kind of way, and has about as much likelihood of happening as Steve Jobs coming back and restarting NeXT, Inc.  Apple ceased development on the “classic” version of Final Cut long before FCPX came out, and backtracking is not one of their key attributes as a company.  But I know of plenty of editors who would have been very happy with a Cocoa rewrite of FCP that retained the functionality and flexibility of v.7 and took advantage of 64-bit processing.  One of them is typing this right now.

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