Rob Siltanen, writing for Forbes:

How do I know what took place? I was there—right in the thick of it. I was the creative director and managing partner atTBWA/Chiat/Day working on the Apple pitch alongside CEO and Chief Creative Officer Lee Clow. Together, Lee and I headed up and actively participated in all of the work done for the pitch.

It’s a fascinating read, and the kind of information that should have been included in the Water Isaacson biography of Jobs.  Case in point:

While I’ve seen a few inaccurate articles and comments floating around the Internet about how the legendary “Think Different” campaign was conceived, what prompted me to share this inside account was Walter Isaacson’s recent,best-selling biography on Steve Jobs. In his book, Isaacson incorrectly suggests Jobs created and wrote much of the “To the crazy ones” launch commercial. To me, this is a case of revisionist history.

Isaacson got so much wrong, and with stories like this the list grows longer by the day.  Read Siltanen’s article for a genuine first-hand account of Jobs and Apple at a pivotal time in the history of technology.

(Thanks to David Wilder and Eric Yeater for passing this along)

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