Much has already been written about Apple’s staggering Q1 earnings report that was released last night.  VentureBeat summarizes it well, so I won’t retread over the same points.  A few things jump out to me:

•iPod sales continue to free fall, dropping 21% compared to a year ago- and those numbers would probably be drastically worse if you removed the iPod touch from the category.  The 2007 iPhone release coincided with the cresting wave of “legacy” iPod demand, and today almost three quarters of Apple’s profit come from those iOS devices that didn’t exist five years ago.

•Apple had the second best financial quarter ever.  Not Apple’s best quarter, but any company’s best quarter in history.  Only ExxonMobile scored bigger in 2008 when gasoline prices were at an all time high.

•The iPhone generated more revenue in Q1 than Microsoft did in its entirety.  Breaking the numbers down, Apple’s phone raked in $24.42 billion, while all of Redmond’s empire collected $20.89 billion.

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