I seriously thought we wouldn’t see any movement on this before the NAB convention in April, but Apple still seems in the game with pushing the FCP X platform forward.  In addition to the updates appearing in the Mac App Store, a whole new page has appeared on Apple’s site.

FCP X 10.0.3 now includes multicam (up to 64 angles), better chroma keying, improved media relinking, support for layered Photoshop files, XML 1.1 support, and broadcast monitoring (this one is huge for professionals).

Even more telling is that at the bottom of the page Apple links to a third party utility that ports FCP 7 projects to FCP X.

This is a pretty major step forward for Apple’s much maligned rewrite to Final Cut Pro they released last summer.  Looking over the release notes, it seems that they’ve checked most items off the list of legacy features that were missed the most.  Whether this dampens the criticism heaped upon FCP X by professional editors and the press remains to be seen, but I’m sure downloading now…

3 thoughts on “Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, and Compressor 4 receive major updates

  1. Bill, are you using FCP X or 7? Do you think this move is going to stop folks from leaving FCP for Adobe Premiere or Avid? I know a lot of editors who decided to bail on Apple.

    1. I’m still using FCP 7 for my daily work, with a parallel install of X (as well as Premiere Pro) to test the waters. Even though Apple handled the initial launch of FCP X very poorly, they did say that this was the beginning of the next ten years. So far they’ve made good on that promise to rapidly develop and improve X in ways that wasn’t possible with the legacy code of 7. People will jump ship, that’s inevitable, and I’m sure Apple factored in that number. I don’t think it will be the majority, however, and they are in a position to seriously grow their market share in the long term. That’s something that Adobe and Avid can’t hope to do in any great quantity.

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