Blogger “Endswell” from The High Definite found a YouTube clip of The Wire where a show character calls kingpin Marlo Stanfield’s cell phone:

I was surprised to discover that if you call the Baltimore number (410.915.0909), you still get an audio clip of Marlo meeting with his crew in jail, more than 4 years after the show’s been off the air.

Definitely better than the usual “555″ route. Bravo.

Great find.

2 thoughts on “As if you needed any more proof that “The Wire” is awesome

  1. I just saw that episode in season 5 the other day. I’ve watched all of The Sopranos and just about all of The Wire, any suggestions on the next series to watch and why?

  2. Dive straight into Breaking Bad and don’t look back. Seasons 1-4 are available streaming on Netflix, and 5 is $14 on iTunes. It’s very different from The Wire (a top contender for the best show ever produced on television) but the storytelling, cinematography, and editing are unparalleled. It’s one of the few shows that truly improves upon itself every season.

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