According to Brian S. Hall at readwrite:

The real reason why Windows Phone has failed because there is no good reason for it to exist.

Go on, try to think of one. Think of just one reason – one customer-facing reason – why Windows Phone should exist? Is it better? Cheaper? Faster? Simpler? More secure? More connected?

I was offered an impromptu demo of a Windows Phone by a guy sitting next to me on the subway yesterday as he swiped his way through the different built-in apps, and while it offered plenty of text-based eye candy it didn’t seem to add a lot of “new” value to what we already have from iOS and Android.  If anything, navigation didn’t seem obvious: he tapped on blank parts of the screen to go back, and swiped across lines of text to reveal a longer message.

It is certainly smooth and graceful looking, but I can’t say “yes” to any of Hall’s questions above.

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