I had no idea that the Android version of Fortnite wasn’t out yet. Marc Lagace on Android Central:

Fortnite is a great concept for a game and has proven itself to be wildly popular amongst gamers of all ages. I’ll admit to being among the millions of people who will watch Fortnite streamers on Twitch because there’s just something fascinating about the level of creativity that the open world and building mechanics allow.

It’s just a damn shame how Epic Games has gone about releasing the game on Android.

Epic Games is making the beta build of Fortnite for Android available outside the Google Play Store, initially for Samsung Galaxy devices only. Lagace reports “janky” graphics, laggy performance, and low frame rates compared to other platforms.

I suppose there’s just too much money to be made to hold back even a sub-par release, especially considering the average lifespan of a trending video game is unpredictable. Lagace sums things up:

Fortnite is supposed to be a game that pits players against one another, but Fortnite for Android instead pits players against the game itself.

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