Rolling back fuel economy standards

The current administration has chosen to put current clean vehicle regulations on hold, only to replace them with weaker ones down the line. Earther reports:

The plan calls for 2020 fuel-efficiency standards to be frozen in place through 2026 while sorting out what a new rule could look like, as well as ending California’s ability to set its own, more stringent standards. The end result will be a huge uptick in carbon emissions.

Waiting for the inevitable changing of the guard at the White House is one strategy, but…

Because people are likely to hang onto their cars for many years, the impacts would continue to play out beyond 2030. An analysis by Energy Innovation found that by 2035, U.S. transportation emissions will be 11 percent higher than they would be if the Obama-era standards and California’s waiver were kept in place.

Many years from now historians will have a full-time job documenting the post-Trump decades of cleaning up his long list of mistakes.